Audi has long been known to create some of the most advanced luxury vehicles. Today, the luxury automaker continues to engineer some of the most innovative equipment designed to instill more driver confidence. Here is a look at some of the latest tech equipment available on new Audi models.

Traffic Light Information Technology

Select new Audi models can use Traffic Light Information (TLI), which is available with a subscription to Audi connect® PRIME. This system allows the driver to know how long it will take until a traffic light turns from red to green. Also, the TLI system can give the driver recommended driving speeds based on the current traffic and road conditions. The TLI system works with existing city infrastructure to create a better overall driving experience.

Upcoming Innovations to Traffic Light Information Technology

While the TL system is among the most advanced on the road, it will be seeing some serious upgrades in the future. As the 5G wi-fi system rolls out, the TLI system will be able to relay more information to the driver. This will include the ability to send other messages to vehicles and detect road construction, school zones, & impending road hazards.

Over A Decade In Development

The TLI system has its roots in the mid-2000s when Audi began to study better ways to allow their drivers to navigate city traffic more quickly. This led to the automaker using a combination of connective features and real-time information to develop the TLI system. The system started its development in Europe and was ready for use on American roads by the mid-2010s.

A Vast Network Of Traffic Light Information

Today, Audi has traffic light information on over 20,500 intersections within 96 agencies, cities, and 26 major metropolitan areas in the United States. All this information is available on the TLI system. As the system continues to grow, it will better enhance the Audi driving experience.

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