The 2020 Audi line up has hit showroom floors, making now the perfect time to check out Audi's 2019 models. Our sales associates know the vehicles inside and out, and prices are at their most competitive to make room for the latest models as they arrive.

We here at Audi Lafayette, we pride ourselves on our staff's knowledge. Our expert sales associates are ready and able to answer any questions you may have about the 2019 models in stock. They put that knowledge to work, helping our guests find the models best suited to their needs every day.

Audi is known for creating fuel-efficient vehicles without sacrificing power, but did you know Audi offers a wide range of designs from compact to crossovers and sports cars? Additionally, models across their lines vary from traditional fuel-efficient engines to hybrid or fully electric engines. This makes them a versatile brand well worth a look.

Speaking of looking, now is the perfect time to visit our team in Lafayette IN and ask about the 2019 models. Audi's 2020 line is arriving, and we need to make room. So, all our 2019 stock has been marked down, making a brand new, luxury vehicle more affordable than ever.

Audi's 2019 crossovers and sedans are popular with drivers in West Lafayette for the way they blend style, efficiency, and comfort. High performance and allroad sport models are also available within their diverse range.

Simply put, the remaining 2019 new Audi models are as comprehensive as it gets. Sedan, crossover, sport, and compact models are all available. The 2019 line includes fuel-efficient, hybrid, and electric engines, dependent upon the model. These 2019 models are brand new, but their prices are at their most affordable.

Audi's 2019 models are still fresh on our sales associate's minds, and the costs have never been better, making now the time to check them out. No matter your needs, you're sure to find the car to fit them at Audi Lafayette.

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