Audi's RS line of performance luxury vehicles is among the most exciting in the world. That is thanks to the incredible research and development from Audi's performance division Audi Sport GmbH. Over the past three decades, Audi Sport GmbH has made incredible strides in the development of RS vehicles.

Starting At The World's Most Famous Track

Much of Audi's RS models' testing takes place at the North Loop (Nordschleife) of the Nürburgring test track. This is arguably the world's most famous test track where speed and performance records are routinely made. 80% of the 20.832-kilometer is driving at full speed by the testers at Audi Sport GmbH. This ensures that all RS models can live up to their reputations at the top performance luxury vehicles on the planet.

Making Records At the Nürburgring

One of the latest records set on the Nürburgring was accomplished by the 2019 Audi RS Q8 with 7 minutes and 42.253 seconds. This time beat the next best performance SUV by up to 12 seconds. That makes the 2019 Audi RS Q8 among the fastest and best-performing luxury SUVs on the planet.

Test Driving the Audi Q8 RS "Around The World" 30 Times

Audi Sport GmbH takes vehicle testing extremely seriously. In fact, the performance division test drove Audi Q8 RS over 1.2 million kilometers. This is the equivalent of driving the vehicle around the world 30 times.

Continuing To Push The Limits Of The RS Division

Currently, the United States has eight RS vehicles available for sale. These RS models include the RS 3 Sportback & sedan, the RS 4 Avant, the RS 5 coupe & Sportback, the RS 6 Avant, the RS 7 Sportback, the TT RS coupe & roadster, the RS Q3 & the RS Q3 Sportback, and the RS Q8 sport-utility vehicle. These vehicles have been tested on the Nürburgring North Loop and are among the fastest vehicles in their segment.

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