Meet Kevin: Audi Lafayette's Social Media Expert

Audi Lafayette proudly assists drivers throughout their next vehicle purchase in a variety of manners - from informing drivers about our available inventory and offerings via our social media, to assisting foreigners in obtaining their ideal vehicle, Audi Lafayette's team member Kevin (Qi Zhang) remains a mainstay of our customer service. After having earned his master's degree in digital communications, Kevin joined our team of customer service experts and sales professionals at Lafayette to conjoin his love of service and cars. Assisting any aspiring driver in obtaining their ideal model, Kevin's fluency in his native tongue, Chinese, offers countless foreign exchange students and new Chinese-Americans a stress-free vehicle purchasing process as they acclimate to a new nation and foreign language.

Foreign Drivers Seeking A New Audi

For foreign exchange students or recent immigrants from China, Kevin offers translation assistance to get any aspiring Audi owner behind the wheel of their preferred vehicle in a stress-free, streamlined manner. Originally from China himself, Kevin works alongside our team of sales professionals as an integral member of our dealership family. Whether expertly curating our social media to better serve our customers, or offering translation assistance for foreign drivers, Kevin at Audi Lafayette is ready to assist!

Meet Kevin at Audi Lafayette

Whether seeking a new or pre-owned Audi, Kevin proudly assists drivers in getting behind the wheel of their ideal Audi however required. Utilizing his language skills to assist foreign drivers throughout their next vehicle purchase, and expertly curating our social media to better interact with aspiring customers, Kevin remains a crucial component of our team at Audi Lafayette. Stop by our dealership and ask for Kevin when seeking your next Audi!